Counsellor's Corner

If you require information regarding scholarships, open houses, career preparedness, or general admission/graduation requirements please don't hesitate to contact office administration by emailing or calling the school office 780-763-3615.

Attention Grade 12 Students

Please see the Education Liaison Association of Alberta website for up to date information about Alberta secondary institution open houses and application deadlines. Their website link is:  One of the most important websites for Alberta Scholarships is Be sure to check it out early so you don't miss important deadlines!  You can also register to receive updates regarding scholarships at

I have information on out-of-province Post Secondary institutions available at request.

Scholarship Information and Tips

  • Be Prepared! 
    • Make a list of your assets (volunteering, extra-curricular, experiences), 
    • Prepare documents (may need a resume, letter of introduction or intent, identification) and place/save in the same place for quick and efficient access
  • Be Thorough!
    • Look for scholarships close to home (parent's job, local organization such as 4-H).
    • Look for scholarships using the links below.
    • Speak to your guidance counsellor about school offered scholarships.
    • Check out your school of choice's website.
  • Be Purposeful!
    • Apply only for scholarships of which you meet the criteria (NO NEED TO WASTE TIME).
    • Know your audience! Tweak your introduction letters and documents to highlight organization specific assets. If you are applying for a scholarship with a volunteering organization, make sure you highlight any volunteer experience you have.
    • Include ALL documentation that is asked for. Check and double check to ensure you won't be passed over for an award because of missing documentation.

Please visit Scholarships Canada for more information on scholarships and how to prepare for scholarship application. Another fantastic FREE site is yconic which has thousands of scholarships and searches available for students.  To check entrance scholarships to the institute of choice, check out government scholarships and register with Student Awards!

Athletic Scholarships

Career Planning and Exploration