Staff Directory


Photo of Kimberly Deford

Mrs. Kimberly Deford


Phone: 780-763-3615

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Krystal Pulyk

Krystal Pulyk

Administrative Assistant, Financial Administrative Assistant

Teachers - Secondary

Photo of Darryl Maron

Darryl Maron

English/Social Studies

placeholder image for Jakob McCormack

Jakob McCormack

Photo of Kelsie Murray

Kelsie Murray


Photo of Zane Polishuk

Zane Polishuk


Photo of Tiffany Tomlinson

Mrs. Tiffany Tomlinson

Teachers - Elementary

Photo of Denise Campbell

Denise Campbell

Grade Three

Photo of Gisele Amero

Gisele Amero

Grade Four

Photo of Kyla Christensen

Kyla Christensen

Grade Five

Photo of Erin Hinton

Erin Hinton

Grade One

placeholder image for Cassidy Stepanick

Cassidy Stepanick

Grade Six

placeholder image for Jenny Wagner

Jenny Wagner

Grade Two and OLC

Teachers - Kindergarten

Photo of Tara Tod

Tara Tod

Kindergarten and Inclusive Learning Lead

Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Kelly Broadhead

Kelly Broadhead

Photo of Brandy Hess

Brandy Hess

placeholder image for Vicky Lessard

Vicky Lessard

Photo of Megan Newton

Megan Newton